Storage Sizes

Our storage boxes offer

  • internal storage options
  • you can add more storage as needed or reduce storage at any time, saving you money.

Our storage offers 

  • Storage is accessible to drive straight up to when you need it, no stairs or lifts

Storage Prices

½ Module Storage UnitStudent storage, camping storage, mining storage, tools storage

1.1mH x 2.32mD x 1.72mW

  • storage of boxes
  • camping equipment
  •  decluttering
  • student storage

1 Full Module Storage Unit

Storage Module Unit, full front opening door with easy access, no stairs, lifts or lane ways to get to your storage. Come inside our storage and park next to your self storage unit.

Storage for 1 bedroom home or 1 bedroom apartment. 

  • king or queen bed and bases
  • lounge suite (size dependent)
  • fridge
  • washing machine
  • dryer
  • dining table and six chairs
  • bookcase
  • coffee table
  • boxes

2.4mH x 2.3mD x 1.74mW

2 Full Module Storage Units

Storage for a 2 bedroom home or 2 bedroom apartment

3 Full Module Storage Units

Storage for a 3 bedroom home

4 Full Module Storage Units

Storage for a 4 bed home + garage

5 Full Module Storage Units

Storage for a 4 bed home + study + garage

Single Pallet

1.2H x 1.2D x 1.2W

Single Pallet storage is a cheap effective way of storing personal or business storage

Double Pallet

1.2H x 1.2D x 2.4W

  • Lounge suite storage
  • large 8 seater dining tables
  • 60 archive boxes.
  • Double pallet storage used on its own or in combination with the storage module units.

We can estimate your storage needs by completing the
quote with detail form on the home page.

View video of our storage and all the options above.

  • Constructed of timber, which is most recommended for furniture storage as it breathes inhibiting condensation and mildew.
  • Completely sealed.
  • Easy access with wide opening front door.
  • Our storage area allows you to drive your car or removal truck undercover next to your storage units making it quicker packing, saving you time and money.
  • We have all the storage solutions for you.

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