Parcel Storage Perth

Parcel Storage Perth

AAA Storage & Removals Wembley
Parcel Storage Service

  • Never miss a parcel delivery again
  • SMS or EMAIL on arrival of your parcel
  • Your name/ AAA address for delivery
  • Storage of parcels and FULL service from as little as $65 per month
  • Build your business, we will take care of the parcels
  • Parcel security - no theft 
  • All parcels signed for upon receipt
  • Pickup parcels at your convenience during our office hours
  • Couriers pickups from AAA Storage & Removals Wembley
  • No parcel limit or size limit, pay for the storage as required.
  • No more failed delivery notifications
  • Holidays or Business Trips come back to your stored parcels
  • Call today 0892858000 and get started 

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