Storage Prices and Storage Space

 (All prices inclusive of GST)


All sizes in metres

½ module

Suitable: students, declutter, boxes, camping equipment
$105 per month (special offer) 
1.1H x 2.32D x 1.72W                 

1 Full module

Suitable: One bedroom home/Apartment
2.4H x 2.32D x 1.72W
$175 per month

2 Full Modules

Suitable: Two - bedroom home/Apartment
$280 per month (special offer)

3 Full Modules

Suitable: Three - bedroom home/Apartment
$330 per month (special offer)

4 Full Modules

Suitable: Four - bedroom home/Apartment + Study
$380 per month (special offer)


5 Full Modules

Suitable: Four - bedroom home/Apartment + study + garage
$430 per month (special offer)

Every Module thereafter

$50 per month                                                                                 

Single pallet

Suitable: boxes, smaller items
1.2H x 1.2D x 1.2W
$65 per month or $45 if using other storage

Double pallet  

Suitable: Lounge Suites, large dining tables and chairs, personal items
1.2H x 1.2D x 2.4W
$98 per month or $72 if using other storage

Triple pallet  

Very large lounge suites and 10 seater dining tables and chairs
$140 per month                                          

No Access Fee for the first month or 7 days before vacating,
Otherwise a fee of $5 per access will be added to your monthly account.

24 hours' notice is required to access storage

Storage Benefits

  • Utilise the storage modules to fit as much or as little storage as you require.
  • You can increase or decrease your storage to make it the most cost ALWAYS
  • Constructed of timber which is the most recommended for storing furniture as it breathes which inhibits condensation and mildew
  • Completely sealed and locked storage units
  • Easy access with wide opening front door
  • Our loading area allows you to drive your car or removalist truck next to your storage modules all undercover for quicker packing saving you time and money


Boxes and Packaging

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Services and your Smile

As we were moving to Perth after a year overseas, we need to find a storage for a few months. Being resident of Wembley for a while, we knew we wanted to stay in that area and AAA Storage & Removals was the most conveniently located. We had a quote within a day, along with all the details we needed. Although we didn't know exactly what size storage we needed or even how long we needed it for, we felt that all the options were offered to us with no pressure, no stress and great flexibility, knowing our belongings would be kept safe.  The service, both through emails and at the office, was very professional and friendly. We always could access our box very easily just by sending an email of giving a quick phone call. Our box was always available on the date we would come in, with an easy access for the car and plenty of space. It was my first experience with storage and I would definitely use AAA Storage & Removals again in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for one.
Thanks very much for your services and your smile if I didnt tell you already!