Piano Removals Perth

At AAA Storage, we like all of our customers to have the best experience. That is why we recommend the following Piano removalists. They have the equipment and expertise that is required. We store pianos and protect them in our internal climate-controlled environment for less than $25 a week.

Acme Carriers

Allan: 0400 401 603

Piano removal Perth

Slipstream Piano Removals

Peter 0418 923 414 
[email protected]

  • Grands and Uprights
  • Crane and Stair machine
  • Pool Tables
  • Safes

Metro Piano RemovalsPiano Removers Perth

Wayne 0428878964
$180 Upright, $250 Grand
Steps additional
No Eftpos
[email protected]

Perth Piano Removals

Jon Hudson 0427316319 




(08) 9285 8000