Piano Removals Perth

At AAA Storage we like all of our customers to have the best experience. That is why we recommend the following Piano removalists. They have the equipment and experience that is required. We store pianos  and protect them in our internal climate controlled environment for less than $25 a week.

Piano removal Perth


Slipstream Piano Removals

Peter 0418 923 414 

  • Grands and Uprights
  • Crane and Stair machine
  • Pool Tables
  • Safes

Metro Piano RemovalsPiano Removers Perth

Wayne 0428878964

Perth Piano Removals

Jon Hudson 0427316319 




I was welcomed anytime


Dear AAA Staff & Management,I wish to thank you for your service
Back in 2008 I was moving out of a house and had planned to once again travel the world. I needed a place to store furniture, books, sports gear etc. etc. I came across AAA somehow (don’t remember) and after checking the competition out decided to use their service as I liked their location, the way everything is kept indoors and in one secure place, and the staff seemed nice. The final decision however was based on storage size and price; they stacked up (pun intended) here too.

I started out with a large container (walk-in wooden box they provide) which was big enough for all of my stuff and some of my girlfriends…. fast forward to 2014.
From 2008 to 2014 I came and went from my storage container which changed in size from full size to a half, to a double pallet, to a single pallet (and a bit) and then finally nothing in late 2014 when my parents offered to store what remained.

Some of this time I lived in Perth (but always temporary) and I would drop in to AAA just to get the golf clubs, or my snorkel gear etc., or to once again sell and downsize.

All I can say is that Jeff, Janine and Sally made me feel like family; really. I was welcomed anytime, they greeted me, chatted with me about life, travels and golf (Jeff loves golf) and they even went out of their way to accommodate my sometimes slightly difficult requests (and always with a smile).

My stuff was like it was when I put it into AAA. No rats, no mould, no mistakes (no “Oops, sorry Baz”). Even when I only had a pallet Jeff always made sure my stuff was protected and covered and even though I had a tad more stuff on the side (snowboard, whiteboard), he and AAA would just let it be. I was still a valued customer even though only paying for the smallest storage option at the time.

I can recommend AAA and if I need storage again I will definitely be back at AAA Storage in Wembley.

Thanks Jeff, Janine and Sally.