Packing and Moving

We know that this is one of the most stressful things you can do, so we would like to help

Boxes Packaging and Moving Supplies

Boxes Packaging and moving supplies

Getting everything packed up is not going to be any easy the longer you leave it. So get your first boxes and start now. Use high quality boxes to reduce the stress. Can you imagine your hot, flustered, angry and now a box falls apart and all the contents spill out just because you saved a few cents on a box or tape. The quality really does matter. We also buy all our boxes back.




There are many reasons to use professional removalists. It saves time, it takes some of the stress away letting a professional do it. It saves you from any injuries when you are not used to or shouldn't be lifting these items. You get it put in all the places you want so your house is ready to go.



Declutter and store, this is the best thing you can do before you put your house on the market and the fastest way to make it look presentable. Extra bookcases, books, trophies, pictures, toys, appliances, coffee tables can be stored whilst your home goes on the market.

Sometimes you can straight from property to property but sometimes there is a gap between settlements, this is where we can help with short term storage and only pay for the days you use.

A lot of people like to sell their property and have the cash in their hand to go shopping for their new home and get a better deal. We can store your household until you find your new home that is just right.


Moving house


It is finally here you have your new address. There is a lot to do, visit our moving page and get our moving steps and change of address checklist.


Services and your Smile

As we were moving to Perth after a year overseas, we need to find a storage for a few months. Being resident of Wembley for a while, we knew we wanted to stay in that area and AAA Storage & Removals was the most conveniently located. We had a quote within a day, along with all the details we needed. Although we didn't know exactly what size storage we needed or even how long we needed it for, we felt that all the options were offered to us with no pressure, no stress and great flexibility, knowing our belongings would be kept safe.  The service, both through emails and at the office, was very professional and friendly. We always could access our box very easily just by sending an email of giving a quick phone call. Our box was always available on the date we would come in, with an easy access for the car and plenty of space. It was my first experience with storage and I would definitely use AAA Storage & Removals again in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for one.
Thanks very much for your services and your smile if I didnt tell you already!