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Packing Services

If you are a little daunted by the idea of packing up all of your belongings for storage or to move, we can assist with our professional packing service. The ladies from our partner The Finishing Touch are highly trained and experienced to ensure your belongings are safely packed, organised and labelled and ready to move.  You can choose how much assistance you need with packing – we could focus on the breakables only or a specific area of the house such as the kitchen, or we can take care of packing the whole house for you. 


Unpacking Services

Unpacking and home setup

The Finishing Touch can also help you to unpack your belongings, and settle into your new home quickly and efficiently. The ladies can unpack all of your belongings and put everything away for you.  They will organise the kitchen, make beds, set up the kids' rooms, organise the living and dining rooms, put away books, DVD’s, toys, everything.  The Finishing Touch will expertly make your new house into a home in just one day, get you settled quickly and happily and evenprovide fresh flowers with our compliments.

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