Safe Spot Box

Product Code: Safe Spot Box

406L x 298W x 431H in mm

The last box to be packed and the first box to unpack. Brightly coloured red so easily recognisable. Find all the essential items fast such as remote controls,furniture screws and castors,cabinet keys, kettle,tea,coffee,sugar,mugs,snacks,paper plates and cultery,toiletries and toilet paper,first aid kit,paper towel and teatowel

Price: AUD $4.50 each

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Because storage is in large timber boxes, to access your box you will deal with AAA's staff more than other storage businesses.  Happily, dealing with AAA's people is a pleasure.  Everything is easy, emails are answered, nothing is too much trouble.   We have had gear stored for two years and the quality of services has been the same always.  Pleased to recommend.



David and Gail