When hiring a moving truck and moving yourself we would recommend a few things

  • Get a 3 tonne truck with a hydraulic lift
  • Ask if a furniture trolley is included
  • Be clear on insurance excess to cover any damage if in an accident
  • Remember you will have to refill petrol or be charged more than local petrol station prices
  • Most trucks are automatic and are driven on a standard drivers licence


Below are our corporate discount codes when you hire please quote these codes.

Budget Truck Rental Hire

The BCD#  to quote when making a reservation is: D371404

which entitles you to 5% off the rate of the day

Thrifty Car and Truck Rental

Thrifty Car and Truck Rental

Phone:94648800 priority line and quote code #4908005779

Please note a special offer by Thrifty Monday to Friday may be a better deal but this code does give approximately 25% off the Friday and Saturday rates.

Highly recommend to friends

Well not only are there prices good. The friendly and very helpful assistance is just great. They made the experience less stressful and even gave me tips on how to fill and make the most of the space in the box. (I have a lot of STUFF in that box). I've have been renting a box at AAA for some time now. Just added a little bit more on to a pallet. I have been several time to add or get things out of my Box and the service is just great. Have highly recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.